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Advanced Academic Program

Specials, Electives and
Extra-Curricular Activities

English Language
Arts (ELA)

Direct Instruction Complemented With Project Based Learning

Wake Preparatory Philosophy & Learning Model

Our learning model is designed to develop the critical skills needed to thrive in an innovative, collaborative world and one in which we are responsible members of our communities and schools.  

In order to make our model work, we have implemented the following curriculum pieces:

  • English Language Arts (ELA): The Core Knowledge Sequence
  • Specials (Music, PE, Art & More)
  • R.A.I.S.E Leadership
  • Direct instruction complemented with project based learning

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Wake Preparatory Philosophy

We believe that for an education to be transformational, it must be rigorous.

At WPA, we will hold all students to high expectations and engage students in a rigorous curriculum that:

  • Fosters preparedness
  • Is focused on developing competencies not credentials
  • Encourages students to act on what they know instead of how they know
  • Provides learning for life

Our educational model will be supplemented through: research projects, which build upon the students’ existing knowledge; using critical thinking skills in cooperative learning groups; and maintaining a leadership portfolio. The leadership portfolio will enable active participation and choice as a student exercises individual agency in their education by allowing them to create their own mission statement for the year. 

This process allows students to discover their purpose and develop and implement a game plan in each area of life by tracking progress towards academic and personal goals each day in their leadership portfolio. When progress towards goals are stifled, students will receive coaching from their teacher-leaders on how obstacles and adversity can develop resiliency and how adjustments may need to be made to achieve success. As students develop, live, review and rewrite missions statements year to year, they will see that hard work and persistence pay off; they will see that they are becoming the people they choose to be.

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