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How Is WPA Different From Other School Districts?


As a public school of choice, WPA was created for a single purpose: to support the family. We are proud to be the choice of thousands of North Carolina families. Our charter allows us the flexibility to deliver exactly what families want - the best educational experience in a moral and wholesome environment.


At WPA, we believe that the right environment accelerates learning; that's why we teach our RAISE leadership values (Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, Excellence) at every grade level. These values help us maintain a moral and wholesome environment which enhances a student's overall experience.   


With our blend of Project-based learning and Back to Basics instruction, WPA offers a unique learning environment that utilizes data-driven instruction in an accelerated curriculum. Our faculty of credentialed teachers and leaders is focused on helping every student succeed and be prepared for college, career, and beyond.

Charter Funding

A major difference between WPA and district schools is funding. WPA is funded based on enrollment levels; we receive funding from the state on a per pupil basis.

In contrast, district schools are funded from sources not available to WPA. For example, in addition to state funding, districts receive money from local property taxes, levies and voter-approved overrides.

Districts are subsidized further for construction, repairs, transportation, and debt financing. WPA will absorb these costs without the benefit of any of these additional sources. 

Despite less funding, WPA students experience faster growth rates in learning and achievement, and teachers and administrators are paid competitive wages, all because there is less red tape when the inefficiencies of government are removed from the school.


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Our Mission


Wake Preparatory Academy will provide a challenging, individualized education program with a moral focus while preparing its students to graduate from high school with paths to acceptance and success in college, a career and beyond.

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