What We Model

We create a nurturing environment for students by involving parents in the life of the school. When parents are actively engaged at the school, the campus becomes an extension of the home where positive values are reinforced.  We are not interested in merely creating an Elementary - High School, but strive to involve the student families in order to cause positive and lasting changes within the community.

Our Vision

WPA welcomes a diverse student population and builds upon the shared virtues that have helped make our nation great; hard work, perseverance, integrity, civility, honesty, respect, honor, and kindness. These shared values are the foundation of our vision. We believe that all youth in our nation hold tremendous potential. Regardless of socioeconomic status or background, when students, taught by exceptional teachers, are given the tools and skills necessary to realize their potential they become empowered and can accomplish anything.​

Expanding the Walls of the Classroom to the Community and Homes

A person’s character and integrity are their most important virtues. We believe that a positive environment helps build character and shape leaders to develop these virtues. That's why we focus on creating a moral and wholesome environment that  teaches servant leadership, and maintains a strict dress code and code of conduct for both students and staff. Further, we nurture and encourage personal leadership skills that challenge our students to model leadership within the community by providing sixty hours of service to meet an identified community need each year.

Performance Grade information

2023 - 62% C

Our Mission


Wake Preparatory Academy will provide a challenging, individualized education program with a moral focus while preparing its students to graduate from high school with paths to acceptance and success in college, a career and beyond.

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